10 of the best Polish techno tracks

There’s techno and then there’s
Polish techno. Despite the country’s proximity to Berlin, where dark and
pumping sounds have laid an influential foundation, Poland’s style is unique from
the techno that comes out of the German capital. With its origins in a style of
music resembling synth-pop, the techno from the Eastern European country is its
own musical movement.

Polish techno has rougher outlines and a more fluid structure than the tightly crafted
style of four-to-the-floor. A bulk of the electronic music in Poland developed in
close proximity in the city of Krakow, meaning that genres from gabba to techno
and breakbeat all left their mark on each other.

however, as some genres became more popular and accessible than others, the
music styles splintered from one another, taking on individual influences and
leading to further differentiation. Polish techno is a law unto itself. It
isn’t restricted to a single style or niche, comfortably incorporating elements
such as vocals and hardstyle beats together in its idiosyncratic harmonies. Check
out 10 of our favourite examples of the style below.

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