8 of the best parties happening in Portland

If Portland, Oregon isn’t already on your map for great cities to see music in, it’s about to be.

The Pacific Northwest destination is widely known for its quirky style, hip dive bars, aromatic coffees and its accessibility to a variety of stunning forests, most only a mere 30 minute drive away. In the 90s, Portland’s music reputation grew thanks to its stronghold on indie music culture trends, but since, many might be surprised to find out that it has nurtured its own thriving underground electronic music scene since then.

While it might not yet be recognized on a global scale, Portland promoters are bringing in international talent on par with what’s expected in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. It’s one of the few cities in the United States where artists like Avalon Emerson, DJ Stingray and The Librarian can be found playing in venues with an intimate 95-person capacity.

Beyond that, the local Portland community is strong. Events made up of an all-local line-up with 300 to 400 attendees are often considered highlight events of the year. Promoters emphasize community and collaboration as keys to their collective success. With less competition and awareness of a scene that appreciates and cherishes good music, promoters pool their resources together to bring quality talent and production to the city of 600,000.

It’s no surprise, then, that Portland has become a chosen destination for a handful of artists. J.Phlip, Jimmy Edgar and Eprom have all decided to make Portland their home base.

There’s plenty to see and explore, for those hoping to take a deep-dive into the electronic music and dance community of Portland. Mixmag has chosen eight of the best Portland parties for you to explore and uncover.

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