Adam X details new album as Traversable Wormhole

Regions Of Time is the first full-length from the science fiction-inspired techno alias.

Adam X is bringing back
Traversable Wormhole.

Regions Of Time is the first full album from Adam Mitchell’s side project, and it features the first new Traversable Wormhole release since 2016, when Hospital Productions put out a two-track EP. The alias deals in a less industrial-inspired style of techno than music under the Adam X name, and the releases have a science fiction-informed theme. The new LP comprises eight new tracks, and it’s due out on the Traversable Wormhole label in November.

The Traversable Wormhole project originally surfaced as an anonymous project that made waves with white-label 12-inches, before it was revealed to be Mitchell, an American producer who has been making industrial techno since the early ’90s. His most recent album, Recon Mission, came out last November.

Listen to “Geodesic Motion.”


01. Redshifting

02. Geodesic Motion

03. Casimir Energy

04. Rotation Frequency

05. Massless Fermions

06. Vacuum Field Stress

07. Wormhole Highways

08. Stargates

Sonic Groove will release Regions Of Time on November 4th, 2019.

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