Alva Noto and Anne-James Chaton reveal collaborative album as ALPHABET

The duo’s self-titled debut will hit the shelves via Noton in November.

Alva Noto and French poet and sound artist Anne-James Chaton have teamed up as ALPHABET.

The duo will release a self-titled LP through Noton, the label Alva Noto, real name Carsten Nicolai, has been running since Raster-Noton split in 2017. The album, which pairs Chaton’s vocals with Nicolai’s techno and experimental beats, is inspired by Etymologiae, an etymological encyclopedia compiled by the Spanish scholar Isidore Of Seville in the seventh century. ALPHABET spans 13 tracks and is out on November 15th.

Releasing music since 2003, Chaton put out two albums on Raster-Noton in 2011 and 2012. The latter, D├ęcade, was a collaboration with Alva Noto and Andy Moor.

ALPHABET have three live dates confirmed in October and November, with stops in Berlin, London and Barcelona.

Listen to “FOU.”

Noton will release ALPHABET on November 15th, 2019.

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