Anatolian Weapons collaborates with Greek folk musician Seirios Savvaidis for Beats In Space

The album, To The Mother Of Gods, comes out on Tim Sweeney’s label in June.

Anatolian Weapons will release an album for
Beats In Space featuring Greek folk musician Seirios Savvaidis, in June.

The Athens producer, real name Aggelos Baltas, who’s previously released a handful of synth and techno 12-inches as Dream Weapons, reached out to Savvaidis after hearing his music through a friend. Savvaidis sent over stems of his recordings, and on their collaborative album, To The Mother Of Gods, Baltras “treats these elements as raw materials for an architectural process,” the label says. The result is an exploration of what happens when “the principles of dance music are applied to pre-digital musical modalities.” The lyrics deal with pre-Christian Greek spiritual themes about magic and the natural world.

The last Beats In Space release was their RA-recommended Powder In Space mix, the first in a new series.

Listen to “Ofiodaimon.”


01. Tarachti Katarrachti

02. To The Mother Of Gods

03. Kalesma

04. Ofiodaimon

05. Chaire Eos

06. Ston Stavraito

07. Limnothalassa

08. Tarachti Katarrachti (Reprise)

Beats In Space will release To The Mother Of Gods on June 14th, 2019.

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