Argot reveals second American Dance Music compilation featuring Ariel Zetina, Huey Mnemonic

Garrett David, TWINS and more appear on the 12-track album due out next month.

Argot is releasing a second volume of its
American Dance Music compilation series.

As the title implies, the series focuses on American dance music producers, and this new edition musically casts the net wider than 2017’s house and techno-focused first volume.

Among the artists featured are Chicago’s Ariel Zetina, Richard Holhburn and James N. Murray, Michigan’s Huey Mnemonic, Atlanta’s TWINS, Pittsburgh’s Naeem and Nikki Nair from Knoxville. DC artists Mike Petillo (of Protect-U) and Sami Yenigun (from the 1432 R label) team up as Scattergood, while smartbar resident Garrett David collaborates with Colin Johnson. Bodyman from Illinois, Mazumi from Madison and Jeremy Castillo from San Francisco round out the lineup.

American Dance Music Vol. 2 is Argot’s first release of the year, following 2018 tapes from Turtle Bugg and Unscented DJ, plus a 12-inch by Flora FM. The label is run by music journalist Steve Mizek (a former RA contributor).

Listen to Richard Holhburn’s “Itch In My Head.”


01. Garrett David & Colin Johnson – Icy Traverse

02. Richard Holhburn – Itch In My Head

03. Huey Mnemonic – D’waved Zone

04. Naeem – Aquarelle

05. Bodyman – Sentimental Hacker

06. Scattergood – Stay

07. Mazumi – Clubba Hubba

08. Nikki Nair – Interstice

09. Jeremy Castillo – Witnesses On The Terrace

10. Ariel Zetina – Forest Sprite

11. TWINS – Breaking Out

12. James N. Murray – Blue Feathers

Argot will release American Dance Music Vol. 2 on October 4th, 2019.

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