I want to hear [dance music] that has both urgency and a human component of some kind.

“I want to hear [dance music] that has both urgency and a human component of some kind.” COURTESY OF TYLER MORRISON



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Current top 5 tracks:

Odopt, “Croque Trans Croque” (Discos Capablanca)

DJ Spider, “Subject to Arrest” (Hooded)

Djrum, “Showreel Pt. 3” (R&S)

JK Flesh, “PI04.1” (Pi Electronics)

Yussef Dayes x Alfa Mist feat. Mansur Brown, Rocco Palladino, “Love Is the Message” (Cashmere Thoughts)

Crew/label affiliation: “Local Union 96 Millwrights out of Kennewick, Washington.”

Styles played: “Techno/rave.”

Events organized: “I’m not really organizing anything besides my next meal at any given time.”

DJing philosophy: “This was really informed by my experience as a dancer. I want to hear that stuff that has both urgency and a human component of some kind, because I want to sweat through my fucking clothes. Pitch-black techno gets super-boring if that’s the only gear someone has. It can feel more performative and less communicative if someone doesn’t have the vocabulary to switch it up. It doesn’t matter how hard you bang it; if you keep doing what someone expects, they’re going to get bored.”

Format: “If I were less lazy and had regular access to turntables/more money, then the answer to this would be vinyl, but, I am not and I don’t, so the answer is CDJs.”

Worst request: “This would have to be when the manager of a club I was playing in Berlin put my cash on the turntable about an hour into my set and requested that I stop playing altogether. I think it wasn’t the usual sound for that place and he hadn’t gotten the memo that it was actually promoted as such. My parents had actually flown over and were in the room with a bunch of my friends, and they were feeling it, so I told him to run it by the promoter. I ended up finishing the last couple hours of my set and everyone in the room (besides him) seemed to enjoy it, which was fine by me.”

Upcoming events: “Not much on the dockets after the gig with Regis at Kremwerk on February 1, but I am available to ruin your wedding or quinceaƱera.”