Brutaż to reissue 1993 techno compilation, Frequencies From The Edge Of The Tektonic Plate

The double-vinyl pack will be the Warsaw label’s first full-length.

Warsaw label
Brutaż has revealed details for its first full-length release.

It’s a reissue of the seven-track techno compilation Frequencies From The Edge Of The Tektonic Plate, originally released on the Vancouver label Outersanctum Music in 1993. This will be the first time the compilation, out December 9th, will be pressed onto vinyl.

According to Brutaż, Frequencies From The Edge Of The Tektonic Plate highlights the scene around Vancouver afterhours club World and then-locally based Romanian duo Dreamdoktor & Erra. It’s dedicated to late Canadian artist Phillip C. Western.

“There’s still some work to be done when it comes to electronic dance music dreamers and visionaries from Eastern Europe,” Brutaż says on Bandcamp. “Nonetheless, what releases like this can offer, is a perspective—the seclusion resulting from working outside of the standardized music circuit is not always a limitation—and Frequencies are coming out again to offer a certain hope and a promise—that we, club-dwelling Eastern Europeans, are not working in a vacuum.”

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Listen to “Aetherius” by Stellar Sofa‎ and H.


A1 THCOD ‎– Neurospora Isolates

A2 H and Erra ‎– Injektor (Opaque Mix)

B1 H and Stellar Sofa‎ – Will I Dream?

B2 Disturbik, H and Tripswitch ‎– Sensor○E○OD

C1 H and Erra‎ – Timekompress

C2 H‎ – Which Way To Forever (Cyborg Lounge Mix)

D Stellar Sofa‎ and H‎ – Aetherius

Brutaż will release Frequencies From The Edge Of The Tektonic Plate on December 9th, 2019.

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