DEPTH Resident DJ Yamanaka Expertly Guides You Through the Peaks of Hard and Heavy Techno
DEPTH resident Yamanaka is one of Seattles deepest techno DJs.

DEPTH resident Yamanaka is one of Seattles deepest techno DJs. Tyler Hill


Current top 5 tracks:

“All these tracks fall under the realm of techno. You can find them in my crates or they are ones I’ve been a fan of recently. Most are pretty hard and heavy, which is how I usually enjoy playing.”

Border One, “Toolbell” (Escapism)

Interferon, “Fraud (Draugr Remix)” (Wrongnotes)

Reeko, “Methodical” (Mental Disorder)

Michal Jablonski, “Gray Fox” (CRSLtd)

Insolate, “Fallin Apart” (User Experience) –

Crew/label affiliation:
“DEPTH Seattle,

Styles played: “Techno is my best friend, I would say. Techno of all sorts, but primarily on the faster and harder side. My introduction to DJing was through house music, so it will always be a favorite. You’ll also find minimal/microhouse in my crates, as I’ve been a fan of the deeper, stripped-down sounds for a bit. Recently I’ve gotten into UK club music and gqom. Mixing that with other broken-beat types of tracks has been loads of fun. Haven’t had too many chances to play it out, so hopefully that changes in the future!”

Events organized: “DEPTH at Kremwerk; Macabre at the Mercury at MachineWerks.”

DJing philosophy: “Don’t ever plan out a set—it takes the fun out of DJing. Have a specific idea of what you want to create, and be open to some changes along the way. If you are prepared, you’ll be nervous, but forget all about that after you nail your first mix. Most importantly, have fun! Let the people in front of you inspire you in that moment.”

Format: “I’m accustomed to playing on your club-standard set up, so usually DJM-900 NXS or NXS2 and 2x to 4x CDJ-2000 NXS or NXS2’s. Preferred though is the Allen & Heath Xone 92 with 4x CDJ-2000 NXS2s.”

Worst request: “I’ve been lucky enough to avoid terrible requests so far, so keeping my fingers crossed that my luck continues. I have had people come up and yell things while I am playing, but I am usually too focused to hear anything they are saying.”

Upcoming events:

July 15, 2019 – Macabre: Archivist, Market Failure, Colin Drake @Mercury at MachineWerks
July 20, 2019 – Depth: Silent Servant w/ Kristen Dalen & Yamanaka @Kremwerk
August 30, 2019 – Depth 3-Year Anniversary ft. Zenker Brothers @Kremwerk

August 1, 2019 – Haüsed x Depth: B. Traits @Kremwerk
August 2, 2019 – Bunker 122 X DEPTH present USUK w MARK EG @The Underground

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