Enzo Siragusa reveals debut album, A Decade Of Rave

Out on Fuse London next month, the LP explores the UK artist’s love of techno, house, jungle and ambient.

Enzo Siragusa will release his debut album,
A Decade Of Rave, on April 26th.

Coming out through Fuse London, the label Siragusa launched in 2011, the ten-track LP will explore his love of house, techno, ambient and jungle, genres that have been at the heart of his productions and DJ sets since he emerged on the scene with the East London party Fuse in 2008.

“My love for London’s most fertile period of rave culture in the ’90s is the heart of Fuse,” he says. “Over the last decade myself and the Fuse residents have nurtured this melting pot of influences that we experienced in the London scene and poured it into our party and the music we make. The label is ultimately a reflection, it’s the music that feeds our dance floor and is the distinct identity we’ve worked hard to cultivate.”

A Decade Of Rave will be available digitally and on vinyl. The vinyl version will span eight tracks, stripping away the ambient cuts “Good Night” and “Lost And Found In 93.” Listen to clips over at deejay.de.

Learn more about Siragusa’s love of jungle in our playing favourites feature from last year.


01. Good Night

02. Beautiful Emi

03. Stromboli

04. Mixed Emotions

05. Paradigm Shift

06. Lost And Found In 93

07. Voodoo

08. Deeper Inside

09. Rollin’ Riddm feat. MC Rossko

10. Mysterious

Fuse London will release A Decade Of Rave on April 26th, 2019.

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