Grey Area artist Sam KDC announces new album for Horo, Omen Rising

It’s the British producer’s first beat-oriented full-length.

Sam KDC is putting an album out on
Horo later this month.

Omen Rising is the first time the British producer has put out an album of his rhythm-oriented tracks, after a string of ambient LPs. As a cofounder of the Grey Area sound, Sam KDC’s music tends to sit in between drum & bass and techno, between 85 and 125 BPM.

The album deals with occult themes and “sees the Grey Area sound rebuilt into a hurtling fireball of energy stretching the constraints of what we know as techno until the straps are blown off,” says the press release.

Listen to “Coup De Grace.”


01. False Awakening

02. Trial By Fire

03. Breaching The Void

04. Into The Ground

05. Coup De GrĂ¢ce

06. When I Was Immortal

08. Lead Me Into Temptation

09. Strong Heart, Weak Stomach

10. Omen Rising

Horo will release Omen Rising on July 26th, 2019.

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