Grimes – “Violence” (Feat. i_o) Video

Earlier this week, Grimes wiped her Instagram account clean and started posting teasers for a new song. “A new way to die!” read one, “There were Humans and Gods and nothing but Angels in between,” read another.

It’s been four long years since Grimes released Art Angels in 2015, but the alt-pop star has been far from quiet. She announced her next album, Miss_Anthropocene, all the way back in March, and every couple months since we’ve gotten a new dispatch from the world of Grimes, though we haven’t heard any new music since the “Pretty Dark” demo and last year’s “We Appreciate Power.”

Today, though, she’s releasing a new song called “Violence,” which features the techno DJ i_o. “Baby, it’s violence/ You can’t see what I see/ You want to make me bad,” Grimes whispers in her characteristically airy vocals throughout. The song comes with an attached a music video featuring Grimes and a bunch of dancers on a dais.

In an interview with Beats 1, Grimes talked said that she “finished my album a long time ago” and that she “started working on my new album, which is techno pop.” She continued on talking about working with the DJ on the song:

I hit IO up and we made this song up in an hour. And then I was just like, “This must go on the album because it just feels good.” And, you know what, you know what? It’s just fresh. We just made this song a few months ago and I just needed to have something which felt fresh. It just felt… You know when you write a song so fast, it just feels perfect. It was like one of those. So I was like, “Let’s just throw it on.” I want to shoot a music video for something that I haven’t listened to a thousand times.

She also talked about working with Charli XCX on “a song together but we haven’t actualyl finished it.”

Watch and listen to “Violence” below.

“Violence” is out now via 4AD.

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