Iglooghost: Kinda like when a kid’s cartoon hits you with something deep
Iglooghost is Seamus Malliagh, an English artist who makes
noises (
Bandcamp) &
pictures (
Instagram, Tumblr) &
creatures (
YouTube) &
tiny gods (
interview with The Fader). He’s signed to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, so his
defiance of genres is to be expected (
Pop Matters interview), “[splicing] divergent and disparate sounds together […] From grime and garage to Japanese ambient techno, from rave to dancehall, […] [showcasing] his eclectic tastes as well as his talent for layering intricate sounds and textures.”

He released his latest album,
Bandcamp), under the name Gloo, as a collaboration with
Kai Whiston and
BABii (
Bandcamp x2), and Paper Magazine says
you’d need a whole new vocabulary to describe [this] music.

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