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    July 2019

      • LYZZA

        Live At Lente Kabinet 2019

        Buckle up for this no-holds-barred trance journey from up-and-comer LYZZA.

        • Octo Octa

          Mixmag Cover Mix

          A rip-roaring mix that showcases the playful vintage vibes and boundless energy that make Octo Octa an unstoppable force.

          • AIDA

            Live At Bass Coast 2019

            Get to know this Canadian-in-San-Francisco with a trippy 4 AM set traveling through minimal, house, acid and rave.

            • Doctor Jeep

              Reprezent Radio: Sherelle Presents

              Sitting in for Sherelle on Reprezent Radio, the New York artist shows us how much exciting music is happening at 160 BPM these days.

              • Stefan Ringer

                Harsh Riddims Mix

                A bumpy ride through the collection of one of Atlanta’s strongest dance music voices, featuring Delroy Edwards, My Girlfriend, Dreamcast and more.

                • Joe Ellis

                  Live At Freerotation 2019

                  Lightly psychedelic house music from the Freerotation resident, recorded live at this year’s festival.

                  • Reptant AKA Lou Karsh

                    Cashmere Radio

                    The electro sound of Australia.

                    • Dax J & Blawan

                      RA Live at Sónar

                      A cancelled flight meant Blawan almost didn’t make it to RA SonarLab for his first-ever back-to-back with Dax J, who played solo for the first 50 minutes. High-energy techno at its classiest, it gets even better when they join forces.

                      • DJ Scorpion

                        Bizarro Blends 48

                        Every kind of breakbeat you could imagine, plus a welcome appearance from Squarepusher’s “My Red Hot Car,” from the Australian DJ.

                        • Hyperaktivist

                          DISCWOMAN 73

                          Pure peak-time goodness from the Berlin-based Venezuelan who throws the Mess and Mala Junta parties.

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                          • Our favourite albums, EPs and mixes from the past month.

                          • Our favourite albums, EPs and mixes from the past month.

                          • Our favourite albums, mixes and EPs from this month.

                          • Here are the records and mixes we’re feeling this month.


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