Latin American feminist collective NÓTT announces first compilation, Austral

Curated by Medellín DJ Julianna alongside Marea and Andrea Arias, it showcases Latin American women in electronic music.

Medellín collective NÓTT will celebrate three years by launching their first compilation,
Austral, out next week.

Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina are all represented on the 14-track collection, which showcases female talent in Latin America. It’s curated by NÓTT founder Julianna (one of the main characters in our feature about the Colombian techno scene) alongside fellow Medellín residents Marea and Andrea Arias.

They’re celebrating three years organizing shows and parties as well as workshops throughout Colombia, with an emphasis on breaking down gender barriers to access and education in electronic music. Julianna herself contributes to the compilation, as does São Paulo-based Valesuchi and Aleja Sanchez, one of Colombia’s biggest international techno stars.

Listen to clips of Austral.


01. Valicha – Traido Por el viento

02. Valesuchi – Los mundos

03. Bel_medula – Amag

04. Oo – Land

05. Ne/Re/A – Burn The Illusion

06. Marea – Isis

07. Aleja Sanchez – Macula solaris

08. Sol Ortega – 1843

09. Julianna – Viaje al meridiano

10. Ana Maria Romano – El suelo desde el viento

11. Magdalena – So This Is It

12. Kriss Salas -Taking Off

13. Andrea Arias – MFOS

14. Lu Zero – Paranoid

NÓTT will release Austral on July 11th, 2019.

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