Move D announces new album for Aus Music, Building Bridges

It features Fred P and Thomas Felhmann, plus tracks from Move D’s collaborative projects Reagenz and Magic Mountain High.

Move D has a new album coming for
Aus Music called
Building Bridges, in July.

It’s got a star-studded list of featured artists, including German rave pioneer DJ D Man and New York’s Fred P. There’s a track from Magic Mountain High, Move D’s live-centric project with Juju & Jordash, and another from Reagenz, with Jonah Sharp (that one also features Thomas Felmann). Balancing deep house with elements of dub techno and disco, it consists of eight tracks that are mostly over the seven-minute mark. It’s his first release for Will Saul’s Aus label.

Move D and Fred P have been playing the title track for over six months now. You can hear it at around 3:38:00 in Move D’s live mix from Tresor.

You can also hear clips of the whole album over at


01. Move D – Cycles

02. Move D – Innit feat. D Man

03. Move D – Dots

04. Magic Mountain High – Tiny Fluffy Spacepods

05. Move D – Dusted Links

06. Reagenz – One Small Step feat. Thomas Fehlmann

07. Move D & Fred P – Building Bridges

08. Move D – Perpetual State (featuring the poem “Alles Ist Eins” by Thorn Hoedh)

Aus Music will release Building Bridges in July, 2019.

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