New Techno Album On A Sega Genesis Cartridge

Hamberg, Germany based
Remute has released a new techno album on a
Sega Genesis cartridge,

Here’s what they have to say about it:

It was released as a Sega Genesis gameconsole cartridge and it’s the first ever techno album on this unusual music format – let’s just call it a ‘plug and play’ album. : )

The tracks were made using the FM-soundchip of the 30 years old console only and have a unique sounding, 100% electronic, style somewhere between Detroit, Tokyo and Duesseldorf.

Not a single sound of this album is technically a ‘recording’: Every time the listener switches the console on and electricity flows through the circuits, the songs get generated and played back in realtime by the soundchip.

This fully electronic music doesn’t need a record / sound carrier anymore – it’s just pure code.

On 4 Megabytes cartridge memory only (that is less than an Insta selfie) I’ve managed to fit 16 songs and a music-video. The video was made together with genius demoscene coders Kabuto and Exocet who pulled off technically unbelievable things and totally maxed out the technology of this oldschool gameconsole.

Video for Remute’s Red Eyes:

You can preview the album below or on Bandcamp:

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