Petition calls on music company to lift ban on Denki Groove CD sales over Pierre Taki’s arrest

More than 64,000 fans of the techno-pop duo Denki Groove have signed a petition calling on Sony Music Labels to lift its ban on sales of the pair’s CDs since one of them, Pierre Taki, was arrested on March 12 on suspicion of cocaine use at an apartment in Tokyo.

Taki, 52, was released on 4 million yen bail on April 3. But the day after his arrest, Sony Music Labels halted sales of Denki Groove’s CDs, DVDs and other merchandise. Furthermore, other companies pulled products featuring Taki, among them video game publisher Sega, Square Enix and Disney (Taki supplies the Japanese voice of snowman Olaf in the megahit Disney anime movie “Frozen”).

On Monday, a group of activists and members of the Japan PEN Club told a news conference that an online petition had garnered 64,606 signatures from people in 79 countries as of April 10. The petition called for Sony Music Labels to put Denki Groove CDs and DVDs back on sale, Sankei Shimbun reported.

The group said people should have the freedom to choose the music they want to listen to. It said works of art such as music are not crimes themselves and belong to the world.

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