Please post your non-straight-4/4 tunes (in: Music Cafe)
Hi fellow musicans and producers (as if I ever was one)

I got a new idea to a thread in which we can collect our tunes under a concept instead of spreading them all over. I have already asked for your unserious or miserable tunes in another thread. In this one I would ask you to show examples of works where you use other parameters than straight 4/4. It is seldom in western music that we go beyond the 4/4 and I like to hear your explorations if you have some.

To understand the rules, you have to note that I am talking about straight 4/4, so

1) if you got a jazzy tune in 4/4 swing, it is still allowed. When we do swing, it tends toward a subdivision of 12 (or 24) rather than 16, so therefore it is allowed. Thus, A 4-to-the-floor trance tune does not belong in this thread but some good old boogie-woogie or jazz do.

2) HOWEVER, it is allowed to post a tune in straight 4/4 if you change parameter during the tune, e.g. from 4/4 to 3/4 and back again.

That should do it.

I am an electro-head and apologize on forehand for any suffering that my contribution may cause. But here is a trippy exploration of 6/8 to begin with:

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