Plz post your ambient, Techno, Rave, EBM/Industrial and related (in: Music Cafe)
Hi again, Woggle

Yeah, I did expect a lot more too.

It is experimental, so this one fits but could also be a candidate for the soundscape thread. Let it stay to show the scope of allowed categories. But exciting sounds again, are they made solely of real life sounds or are you using synths as well?

This one is experimental too (nice wide category), has some rhythm snippets in the middle of it and gets pseudo rhythmical in the end, so I say let it stay. Though it could have been a candidate for the soundscape thread as well, and since you actually made me laugh with this one when the voices kicked in, it is on the edge to qualify to another thread as well

I really like your sounds and sound shaping with real life noises. I will show my fellow researcher your step layer video and wagon rolling track, since they capture the essence of our idea of rhythms of capitalism. This with your permission of course. I will not do it if you want to let it stay KVR internal. Just say so.

And thanks to @controlcentre for dropping by. I will return and listen later.

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