Rare Bowie demo of ‘Starman’ sells for £41,000 at auction

A rare David Bowie demo was sold for £41,000 at a Merseyside auction house on Tuesday – more than £30,000 over its predicted value.

The tape, which includes what is believed to be the first ever recording of Bowie’s hit “Starman” among with other songs, was given to guitarist Mick Ronson’s friend Kevin Hutchinson in 1971.

Labelled “David Bowie Rehearsal Tape”, the demo lay forgotten in Hutchinson’s attic for over four decades until he remembered it after watching a Bowie documentary on TV.

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“I remember listening to it and thinking, ‘This is OK.’ I didn’t think, ‘This is fantastic,’” Mr Hutchinson said of the discovery. “At 16, you’re not totally impressed. Nothing impresses you.”

Kelly, the successful buyer who bid for the tape over the phone, apparently paid over £20,000 more than she intended to, and far more than its initial estimated price of £10,000.

“I’m impulsive, and if I want something I will have it,” she said. 

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