Take a look inside Berlin’s hottest new event – a ‘techno communist’ party

Berlin’s club scene is well known for being eclectic, hedonistic and vibrant, bringing in an estimated €1.5 billion to the city’s economy per year – but one unique daytime event has been quietly breaking the mold among the myriad of dance parties throughout the German capital.

A day club has become the hottest new event in Berlin. Image by Adam Kuylenstierna / EyeEm/Getty Images

Occurring once a month between 10am and 10pm at local favourite ://about blank in Friedrichshain, STAUB cultivates an aura of exclusivity and mystery by withholding line-ups and refusing to work with booking agencies. Speaking to Electronic Beats, co-founder and curator Irakli dubs the concept “techno communism,” contrasting the city’s usually strict booking policies. “Everyone contributes; everyone gets the same fee; and everyone gets the same treatment. But that’s what makes it fun,” he told the publication.

Clubbing in Berlin. Image by Joscha Malburg / EyeEm/Getty Images

The secrecy behind STAUB allows DJs to experiment with new ideas and play to a small crowd of truly committed techno fans who trust the event’s curators to bring in some of the most exceptional artists on the scene. “The biggest challenge for us was to create a crowd that trusts you and comes no matter what, sunny garden or intense dark winter rave,” Irakli told Clubber Confessions. “We are happy to have these people around who trust us now almost six years later and we actually want to thank them all for this. We have a great open-minded crowd.”

The organisers are planning to take their “techno-communism” to other cities and countries. Image by Sebastian Kopp / EyeEm/Getty Images

The organisers are now taking their unique brand of “techno communism” to other cities across Germany and farther afield to Austria, Georgia and the USA, taking special care to preserve their carefully cultivated atmosphere. STAUB is just one of the club events attempting to shake up Berlin’s overcrowded music scene, with some aiming to create more environmentally-sustainable parties, and others seemingly competing to be as hedonistic as possible.

Information about upcoming events can be found on STAUB’s Facebook Page.

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