The Chemical Brothers – “We’ve Got To Try” Video

Over the decades, veteran UK dance-music magicians the Chemical Brothers have quietly amassed one of the all-time great music-video catalogs. Maybe it’s their sense of vision, or maybe their music works as a blank canvas for directors to come up with memorable and bugged-out ideas. But masters like Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze have done some of their best work with the Chemical Brothers. And the Chems are still adding to that legacy all the time. Consider their latest video, which, once again, absolutely fucking rules.

Next month, the Chemical Brothers will release the new album No Geography. We’ve already posted a handful of tracks from the album, some of which also have great videos: “Free Yourself,” “MAH,” “Got To Keep On.” And today, they’ve shared a new jam called “We’ve Got To Try,” an old-school breakbeat-techno jam built on a big soul sample. The Chems have already put together a record-breaking fast remix of the song. And now they’ve made a really, really great video for it.

In the “We’ve Got To Try” video, director Ninan Doff tells the story of an adorable stray dog who becomes the property of a science lab. Under the eye of its loving trainer, this pup gets artificial robot arms and learns how to drive a racecar. From there, things get psychedelic. It’s a total delight, and you can watch it below.

No Geography is out 4/12 on Astralwerks. Pre-order it here.

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