Virgil Abloh Talks Hip-Hop Vs. Techno, DJing & Mood Boards in Backstage Coachella Interview

London-based creative collective BONE SODA has released a mini-documentary-style interview with Virgil Abloh, which sees Skinny Macho and the Louis Vuitton artistic director catch up before his debut Coachella set.

The conversation is held at the Louis Vuitton atelier and also captures a number of behind-the-scenes and front-of-stage moments at Abloh’s DJ set. A notable element to BONE SODA’s interview is the fact that Virgil Abloh himself requested to have a black box covering his face in a reference to his PYREX VISION 2013 lookbook “Youth Always Wins,” which features pixelated figures.

In the 20-minute-long video, Virgil Abloh discusses how he is using sets such as this to experiment outside of hip-hop and venture into house and techno music. He says that there is a challenge to playing this genre as there is “a rhythm of playing a crowd that’s way more appreciative and knowledgable about the music… they meet you halfway. If someone’s into electro music, they do their homework.”

The designer also adds that the reason he didn’t play hip-hop the whole way through his set is that it doesn’t “represent where he is in 2019… But to not play hip-hop leaves out what we do best.” While in the atelier, the creative shows off his mood board which “sums up the last 20 years of [his] existence behind a mixer.” The use of a board means is so that he doesn’t just “pull up,” and instead comes prepared with well thought out ideas.

Towards the end, we see BONE SODA catch Virgil Abloh backstage where he’s congratulated by friends Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner. You can watch the entire interview above, and hear his Coachella set below.

In other news, Virgil Abloh’s “FIGURES OF SPEECH” exhibition is getting an extension.

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