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No-one has more to say about Business Techno than electronic music’s very own Old Man Yells At Cloud, Scuba, who seems to tweet about it once every four tweets, presumably because someone once called his own brand of bland-business-or-otherwise-techno Business Techno. In one of his numerous musings on the subject, he defines it as “a term made up by people who are jealous of other people for making more money than them”. As we all know, anyone who dislikes genuinely revolutionary movements being turned into platforms for the shilling of corporate interest, has historically simply been jealous of those offered the opportunity to sell out. But then again, many of the most vehement users of the term do seem to be DJs irked that their career hasn’t quite taken off in the way that they dreamed. Like any put-down that becomes a meme, it has become weaponised, a tool to suit the agenda of the person using it.

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But separate the lazy jabs, professional jealousy and blatantly misogynist overtones, and what remains is actually innocent dismay and disillusionment: Business Techno can’t be neatly defined by sound or artist or venue or a type of hat; but it can be boiled down to a mindset. Business Techno is Capitalism, it’s luxury flats and investment opportunities. It’s tickets only affordable to tourists, it’s clubs where surveillance is more important than the genuine rave experience, it’s exciting DIY spaces getting shut down and turned into Instagram-friendly gastropubs. It’s this that is at the heart of the disdain for Business Techno – the idea that techno is a commodity and not a culture.

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