What’s in the Bag with Dave Gillespie


Dave Gillespie is a well known commercial photographer in Toronto. I know him primarily through the music scene, but I have on occasion seen him stalking the streets and shooting at all hours. He has been a regular user of The Luminous Landscape and a fan of Michael Reichmann since the early century.

I ran into Dave at a show of Michael’s at Pikto gallery in Toronto and was pleased to see a familiar face admiring my father’s work. The cross over of generational social scenes is what drew me to him. Dave has done product development and branding, with an aesthetic that is both commercial and intimate.

I invited Dave to The Luminous Landscape primarily because he is a real character. A gentleman who has successfully carried the torch for the analog loving, vinyl spinning, tight jean wearing 70’s rocker into the emerging techno-dystopia we currently all occupy.  And he genuinely loves photography with the same romantic passion.

I asked Dave to give us his “What’s In The Bag,” knowing his hair alone would satisfy the viewers. His 25 years of professional photographic knowledge also happens to be substantial, and he brought a very cool cross-section of cameras to share with us.



To see Dave’s work, visit : https://www.gillispiephoto.com/


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